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A lifetime of experience and enthusiasm is brought to every private lesson! Kenny enjoys the challenge of curving to the individual and getting You playing what you want. He also coordinates Jam sessions among students! Get college credit for taking lessons.

From SRV to Benson & back again
Formal Music Education:
G.I.T. Graduate and Private Studies

  • Teaches Acoustic and Electric Guitar at 3 different locations in the Portland area.
  • Students will develop the ability to transcribe and read musical notation.
  • Special styles (finger-tapping, slide guitar, sweep-picking, etc.) Blue/Jazz to Rock to Delta Slide.
  • Beginners will enjoy strumming some simple songs and learning some riffs.
  • More advanced players will benifit from years of research.
  • Blues, Rock, Slide, Jazz, Kenny even enjoys teaching the songs from Guitar Hero.

"Thanks kenny for being a great guitar teacher!"

- B Diamond

"Kenny really helped my son understand the basics of music, something that will benefit him for the rest of his life"

- M Hunt


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